Due to recent requests from our clients, we would like to expressly warn you again about misleading payment requests. In most cases it is a matter of offers from non-governmental registers, which often act as public authorities and demand high amounts for registration in a private register, which is in no way related to an official authority. 

Often, such letters cannot be identified as offers at first sight – in many cases, this becomes only obvious by carefully reading the small print or the terms and conditions that are sometimes printed on the back. You should therefore always carefully read communications containing requests for payment.


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For companies that have not registered a patent in the last 5 years, the Signo-SME Patent Campaign of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) could be interesting. this promotion

funds up to 8.000, – EUR for the application of national and international intellectual property rights as well as market analysis and prototyping.

The promotion is (TP) divided into five sub-packets whose sequence is based on the internal development process.

The patent law firm Stuetz advises on the filing of this promotion. To date, 100 % of our escorted applications were granted.
TP 1 search of the prior art max 800.00
TP 2 cost-benefit analysis max. 800.00
TP 3 patent or utility model application in Germany max. 2,100.00 EUR
TP 4 preparations for the exploitation of an invention max. 1,600.00 EUR
TP 5 patent or utility model application for the foreign max. 2,700.00 EUR

For questions we are ready for you.

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