Depending on the IP strategy of a company and depending on the territorial scope of protection desired and the financial resources available, there are different filing strategies:

To receive e.g. a national German patent it is possible to file directly a national application.

It is also possible to submit first a regional patent application (European patent) or an international patent application (PCT).

If someone is only interested in a few national patents z. B. German patents and U.S. patents, then it is cost efficient to submit only national patent applications in the United States and in Germany.

But in order to achieve protection, in more than five Eropean contries An European Patent Application is more cost efficient. An EU patent is actually a bundle of patents, because it is filed centrally, but decays after grant in the individual patents for the European countries designated in the application.

Assuming that you want to achieve a protection in many states worldwide a PCT-application – an international patent application – should be filed. A PCT application has the advantage that a large part of the costs can be shifted into the future. In most cases the national phase entry  is after 30⁄31 months after the filing/priority date.

A good patent filing strategy is also in many cases to first file a national patent application first, receive a first office action and decide at the end of the priority year if a PCT application – a international patent application – makes sense.

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