In a first place patents, trademarks, utility models design patens serve as intellectual property right in order to protect the results that have been achieved by investing in research and development against simple copying and conterfeit.

With the help of an infringement research companies can check whether the objects of their desins are copied .

In addition, patents and other intellectual property rights also serve to increase the value of a company or to provide a value for a planed funding.

Depending on the industry and company size different aspects of the impact of intellectual property rights relevant. An individual IP strategy is essential for a successful patent management.

To be cost efficient, patent departments should perform not only the evaluation of inventions and technologies, a valuation of their intellectal property right portfolios at regular intervals shold be conducted.

Since patent departments of large companies are increasingly under a cost pressure, a patent valation strategy should be an integral part of patent management.

First indications and indicators for the quality and value of intellectual property rights can also be determined using quantitative assessment methods.

For this purpose e.g. particular bibliographic data, such as the field of technology, the inventor names, citation and others data is used.

Of course, it is also necessary to check whether a is indeed valid.

The Patent Law Firm Stuetz advises, for example, in drafting licensing agreements .